In the same way that there are not two equal harvests, Mas Comtal does not have two equal wines either. Each year is a different adventure.

This is the magic of the author's wine world.

Wine is the result of a combination of non-modifiable factors (such as geological origin, geographical location, composition, structure, depth, drainage of the earth ...), as well as a different way of working with the vineyard and consistent throughout the entire plant cycle.

The winemaker's wisdom is also key when it comes to obtaining a good wine.

Decide the optimum harvest time in which the relationship between acidity and sugar concentration is the desired one. The precise time of skin maceration, the fermentation temperature, the moment of the discovery, the type of barrel used, the aging time, and even the type of stopper are decisions made by the winemaker and which give his personal and unique character to the wine.

Our wines start in the vineyard  

 Mas Comtal is a small vineyard with 40 hectares of organic vineyards, located in the easternmost part of the Penedès, at the foot of the Garraf.

Influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and protected from the cold north winds by the Montserrat massif.

Geographically it is located at a height of 350 meters above sea level, in soils of Quaternary origin based on sand, silt and clay. It has very calcareous soils of medium type and characterized by having a high permeability to water.

From mutatio romana to bodega del Penedès

 It is the story of a family linked to the cultivation of the vineyard and the territory since 1550.

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