El Penedès, A Privileged Land

A unique site for the cultivation of the vineyard

El Penedès has a privileged geographical situation, halfway between Barcelona and Tarragona, between sea and mountains. Its landscape is warm and harmonious, full of Mediterranean light and a dresser where, depending on where you are, you can see the sea, the Pyrenees and, of course, the mountains of Montserrat. The harmony would not be complete without its main identifying feature: the vineyard. Viticulture has become an art of working the land that has been transmitted with passion from generation to generation. The treatment of the vineyard is complemented by the traditional methods used to make cavas and wines. Traditional and careful methods with the vineyard and the winery are applied, but always incorporating innovations that help to advance without losing the essence is a critical part as well. The different soils, grape varieties and the special way of handling the soil makes the Penedès a territory with identity. A wine identity that complements its culture and heritage.


Each vineyard is a world

For this reason, we treat them in a unique way

Ecological and biodynamic agriculture is our work philosophy. The culture of the vineyard and wine is a rewarding subject to learn and show. The vineyards that surround the estate and the winery where we elaborate the wines and cavas are a wine school where theory and practice merge, that's why we treat the vineyards each in a unique way, because each single one of them can give different things. The wines and cavas transmit the passion with which we handle the soil where we grew up.

Our farm is located about 40 km from Barcelona and belongs, for the most part, to Subirats, although there is also a part that belongs to Avinyonet. In total, thirty hectares of vineyards, cereals and forest. Each corner has its own identity and its own peculiarities. To the South part the marinade of Garraf can be noted; to the North, Montserrat; to the east, the mountain range of Ordal, and to the west, the flat of the Penedès. We know the farm very well and therefore, we plant the grape variety that best suits the characteristics of the land, which we consider a fundamental element.


30 hectares of vineyard

All cultivated ecologically and following the biodynamic principles of our ancestors

Ecology and biodynamics are our pillars. We seek balance with the medium and all its actors. The Moon and the different biodynamic states of the cosmos influence the works of the vineyard. We believe and respect nature and its balance. We want to be part of it. For this reason we are committed to ecological and biodynamic cultivation

 Our 4 golden rules

  1. Organic farming

It allows us to fully respect the environment, since we do not use neither herbicides nor insecticide nor synthetic products.

  1. Biodynamic agriculture

We seek the biological balance of plants and nature, for this reason we respect their cycle, in harmony with the environment and its diversity. We appreciate plants, nature and the environment. To develop this type of agriculture, we elaborate the soil, taking into account the biodynamic states. We also apply biodynamic preparations.

  1. The balance of plants

It is the leaf-fruit effect, that is, the balance of the fruit with its foliar screen to achieve good photosynthesis.

  1. The balance of waste

Put the waste we generate to its place, achieving a closed cycle within the farm and converting ourselves into a sustainable company.

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